Need some more advice while you're using ACRO ?
  Sometimes the right way to use a feature in ACRO may not be clear to you, or perhaps the software just isn't working the way that you expect it to.
  We know only too well how things can quickly get very pressurised at a competition when a rapid solution to some hold-up is urgently required ...
Use the comprehensive ACRO Help System
Easily back-up your contest data
Resolve software issues
Get your Microsoft .NET Support Library files up-to-date
Note that you can download a comprehensive explanatory guide to the operation of ACRO at CIVA championship events from the main software page here.
ACRO's Help system
There are two help systems in ACRO that provide comprehensive guidance whenever required to get you going as quickly as possible:
Every form has either a Help menu or a query button button to give you direct access to the right page in ACRO's extensive Help system. The system has clear instructions on how to use each item to enable you to make good use of all the features on the form as quickly as possible. This thorough and clearly structured set of help pages describe every feature in ACRO and how to make the best use of it.
If things are still not clear or you think there may be a software issue that is preventing ACRO from working as expected, you can quite easily contact Exploit Design by email to get some advice. If the situation is urgent then a text message to +44 (0)7773 768386 will be useful to raise attention in case our computers are switched off. We'll do our very best to respond as quickly as possible with on-the-spot advice.

Making regular "Back-Ups" of your contest data file

Before you get started here MAKE A FULL BACKUP COPY of your precious contest data file - you do not have to Exit to do that in ACRO. Most ACRO menus have a 'Back Up this contest file' command that makes a full copy of your existing data file and stores it in your /aerobatics/backups folder (or on a USB memory stick if you prefer, see File > Contest file locations) with a unique time-date prefix so you know exactly when you did it.
The name of the backup file will be something like the "Backup 211029_115227 - EIAC-21ctx" example shown above here, where the date and the time of the back-up have been coded in the format YYMMDD_HHMMSS followed by the competition filename and the suffix '.ctx'. You can go back and open one of these back-ups to check any of the contest's previous details at any time; if necessary you can re-use one to work around an error that has been made - in this case you'll probably choose to change the contest filename from the ACRO File menu.
Get into the habit of making regular back-ups during your competitions, then if you need to look at the status of your contest file at any prior point in time you can locate and open the relevant back-up and all will be revealed.

It really is good practice to use this simple back-up feature at least once a day during an event, before the scoring computer is shut-down or is likely to be left alone for a while. Back-up's are priceless but free insurance ...

The Microsoft .NET Support Library file system

ACRO is written using the VB.Net code system in Microsoft Visual Studio, and to function correctly it is essential that the .NET Support Library files are always fully up-to-date. This is normally automatically updated, but to ensure that this library of support files in your computer is absolutely current use this link to visit the MS Support and Maintenance page for .NET files, click the red Download button to retrieve the relevant installer and then Run it - this will look through the installed .NET library in your computer and ensure that it is refreshed with all current and/or new files.

Resolving tricky software issues ...
We do a great deal of testing before each release of ACRO to make sure that non-compliant data is trapped and bugs are eliminated. With over 90,000 lines of code however ACRO is pretty complex, and things occasionally do just go wrong. If the system crashes you'll see an error message "Apologies, but ACRO has a fault and you may need to shut it down and re-start ...". This error message carries a Continue [Yes/No] option, and it is possible that clicking 'Yes' will temporarily bypass the issue. If this doesn't get you up and running again then:
1. Make sure that your existing ACRO system is installed correctly.
Open your Windows Control Panel and select 'Programs and Features' (Win7) or 'Add/Remove Programs' (later versions), then locate and delete the current ACRO installation. When this process has completed you can shut Control Panel again.
2. Now you can download and install the current build of ACRO from and run it to check that the problem is resolved.
3. If necessary: Get in touch with us at ACRO Online and discuss the issue.
Send us an email
or a text to +44 7773 768386 with the text of the Microsoft error message that will be shown on the ACRO panel, and please attach a copy of your contest file together and tell us what you were doing when the problem arose. There's an easy way to do this built-in to the File menu - select the "Contest files Copy / Email" button and follow the instructions to get ACRO to do the job for you. We'll run the contest file to identify the problem, then contact you as quickly as possible with detailed instruction on how to resolve the issue.